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Perfect for peak peach season, this delicious Fresh Peach Infused Vodka is super easy to make, and tastes great in your favorite cocktails. Try it in my Fresh Peach Vodka Tea Cooler!

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Vodka infused with summer flavor

This peach infused vodka is a natural, easy way to infuse your favorite vodka with delicious peach flavor. I love to have this vodka on hand for my Fresh Peach Vodka Tea Coolers, or to add in to my favorite classic cocktails.

peach infused vodka

The flavor is fresher as tastier than a store bought peach flavored vodka, and you can use the vodka-soaked peaches to garnish your cocktails! Just be sure to use them as soon as the vodka is done infusing for best texture and flavor. The vodka itself will keep for several weeks in the refrigerator without the fruit!

fresh peach vodka

Making the peach vodka

To make this peach infused vodka, you will need 2 things: peaches, and vodka! Simply slice the peaches, pour vodka over top (making sure all fruit is covered) and refrigerate. Leave this sit in your fridge for a week, checking on it and turning the jar or container every day or so to help distribute the flavor. 

When making this infused vodka, you can also throw in the peach pits for extra flavor! 

peach infused vodka and tea

Serving suggestions

I love to make a big batch of Fresh Peach Vodka Tea Coolers for friends with this recipe, but it would also be great poured into your favorite sweet tea, in a martini, or with your favorite seltzer!

peach vodka tea cocktails

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peach infused vodka

Fresh Peach Infused Vodka

Prep Time5 minutes
Infusing time7 days
Course: cocktail
Keyword: infused vodka, peach
Servings: 1 cup


  • 1 cup vodka
  • 2 medium peaches, sliced into wedges


  • Add 2 sliced peach to a mason jar and cover with 1 cup vodka. If making a larger batch, use a large airtight container and add 2 peaches per cup of vodka.
    2. Make sure all peach slices are covered with vodka and seal jar or container. Refrigerate for 7 days, turning jar or container occasionally. After 7 days, vodka is ready. Use the peaches as garnish immediately, or discard.

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