About the Jawn Behind Jawns I Cooked

Hi! I'm Sharon,

A Philly native (If the blog title didn’t give it away), freelance graphic designer, Frenchie mommy to a very special little pup (more on her later), and lover of all things food.

Getting the feeling I’ve gone about this all backwards, I actually started sharing my cooking with the world as a Facebook album of photos and recipes in 2011, followed by an Instagram of the same name in 2017, and FINALLY, as a blog where I share my favorite recipes in 2019.

I love to cook, and I love to share. I love the looks on my friends and family member’s faces when I serve them a plate of something I made just for them.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and share them with those you care about. Food brings people together in the best way.

About Jawns I Cooked

I have always loved to cook and entertain. For me, cooking has always been an adventure, or an escape from my day to day stress and the mundane. On a random Wednesday, I can take a trip to Thailand in our tiny one bedroom apartment in the form of a big bowl of Shrimp Pad Thai, or cozy up and warm my bones with a comforting bowl of French Onion Soup, all from the comfort of my incredibly tiny kitchen.

What's a Jawn, anyway?

Firstly, if you are not familiar with the term jawn, it literally means ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in Philadelphian. I’m a jawn, you’re a jawn, your sandwich is a jawn, your shoe is a jawn… and, you get the point. I love my city, and the word, hence the title of this blog.  That said, the jawns I cook are incredibly varied. From pot roast to banh mi, Rueben Egg Rolls to lettuce wraps, my tastes and whims are all over the board. I like to try new food and spices all the time, and my recipes reflect my curious and spontaneous view of food.

Me throwin’ down in the kitchen, some time in the mid-to-late 80’s

Frankie taking her breakfast on the veranda. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful.

Where it all started, in my first (tiny) apartment.

About Ms. Frankie the Frenchie

She's insta-famous, and kind of a big deal

My doggie daughter, Ms. Frankie Beverly Piglet (Frankie for short) is always on hand to “help” me cook- and by “help,” I mean snort and fart beneath my feet as I work on breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts- hey, she’s gotta try. Sadly, Ms. Frankie will never know the taste of a scrap of perfectly seared filet or even a nub of juicy fried chicken, as she has IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and can only eat prescribed veterinary diet food (and the occasional piece of cheese) in her custom made high chair (thanks, Dad!).

Frankie is a lot of work, and requires frequent trips to the vet and daily medications, but she is the sweetest little girl, and I love her to pieces. If you are interested in seeing adorable photos of Frankie on the daily (and who isn’t?) you can follow her @msfrankiethefrenchie on Instagram.