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This Boozy Basil Frozen Brazilian Lemonade is a frosty, refreshing cocktail with fresh lime, coconut milk, basil, and vodka. Super easy to whip up with your blender- these are the perfect summer treat!


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What is a Frozen Brazilian Lemonade?

Brazilian lemonade is a frosty, refreshing drink made of lime wedges with peel, ice cubes, sugar, and either water, sweetened condensed milk, or coconut milk. While you may be thinking; “shouldn’t it be called LIMEADE?” – it is in fact called lemonade. Partially due to the the scarcity of lemons (limão Siciliano) in Brazil, and the abundance of limes (limão Tahiti).

Brazilian Style Frozen Lemonade with Vodka and Basil

For this Frozen Lemonade version (aside from the addition of delicious booze!) I added fresh basil for an herby background note, and I opted to use coconut water and coconut milk together. The result is a light, refreshing, frozen cocktail that’s just creamy enough without being too heavy (thanks, coconut milk!).

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Brazilian Style Frozen Lemonade with Vodka and Basil

Booze + Basil + Brazilian Lemonade= Heaven

Brazilian lemonade ingredients

To make this delicious and easy Frozen Lemonade, you will need:

  • 3 limes, quartered
  • Pressed coconut water, or your favorite coconut water
  • Fresh basil
  • coconut milk
  • Simple syrup (store bought or homemade) 
  • Ice
  • And last but not least, vodka! 

You’l start by pulverizing the limes and basil in your blender with a little coconut water to help the process along. After that, you will strain the juice and discard the pulp.

Boozy Basil Brazilian Lemonade

After a quick blender rinse, you’ll add the strained juice back in with the simple syrup, coconut milk and ice, and blend the hell out of it until it’s nice and smooth. Pour into glasses and stir a shot of vodka into each frothy delight. Garnish with fresh lime and basil, grab a seat by the pool, and get ready to be transported to Flavor Town- population: you (pretty sure Guy Fieri would think this drink was “out-of-bounds”).

Not all blenders are created equal: Ninja’s get the job done when it comes to delicious booze

When it comes to quality, high performing blenders- Ninja is by far the best.

Having used lesser blenders in the past- I will never go back! I am confident that anything I place into the Ninja will come out pulverized- from ice cubes to lemongrass. This thing destroys!

If you don’t already have a Ninja or something similar at home- this is a solid investment. I put everything in there from enchilada sauce ingredients to hollandaise and daiquiris and it performs beautifully.

Pro tip for cleaning- add a little dish soap to the blender with warm water after use and pulse a few time to clean the blade and the blender with ease!

This Brazilian Style Frozen Lemonade is a great year-round sipper, and the perfect signature cocktail for your next backyard BBQ or ladies brunch.

creamy Lemonade

Just grab a bag of limes, coconut milk, coconut water and some simple syrup from the grocery store (and if you happen to be at Trader Joe’s, grab a bottle of their great Organic Vodka!) and you’re ready for cocktail magic. Cheers!

Brazilian Lemonade

Brazilian Style Frozen Lemonade with Vodka and Basil

Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: cocktail
Keyword: Brazilian lemonade, coconut milk, limes, vodka
Servings: 4


  • blender
  • fine mesh sieve/strainer


  • 3 limes cut into 4 quarters, plus more for garnish
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves, plus more for garnish
  • 1/3 cup coconut water
  • 3 tbsp simple syrup
  • 1 13.5 oz can coconut milk, shaken
  • 3 cups ice
  • 6 oz vodka (4 shots)


  • Cut limes into quarters and transfer to a blender with the basil and coconut water.
    2. Blend the limes, basil, and coconut water until the limes and basil are finely chopped.
    3. Set a fine mesh sieve/strainer over a bowl and strain juice to remove pulp. Press limes and basil with a spatula to make sure you get all the juice into the bowl.
    4. Rinse the blender well, and add the strained juice back in with the simple syrup, shaken can of coconut milk, and ice.
    5. Blend all ingredients until smooth. Divide evenly into 4 glasses, and top each drink with 1.5 oz (1 shot) of vodka and stir to combine. Garnish with sliced lime and basil leaves. Cheers!


I used Vita Coco Pressed Coconut Water, but you could use any kind of coconut water you like, or even plain water if you don’t have it on hand/don’t feel like getting it. I like the extra coconut flavor boost the pressed coconut water brings.

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