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This velvety smooth and floral Dragon Fruit Vodka Cocktail with Aperol is a great spring and summertime cocktail you can whip up with some fresh fruit, a few key ingredients, and your blender! This fun take on a classic Aperol cocktail is always a crowd pleaser!


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dragon fruit and Aperol cocktails

A great summertime sipper or cocktail to share with friends, this Dragon Fruit Vodka Cocktail with Aperol brings together sweet and tropical Dragon Fruit with floral and spices Italian Aperol for a unique and refreshing cocktail everyone will love! If you love a good Aperol cocktail, or just love a fruity blended drink, this cocktail is for you.

aperol vodka and dragon fruit drinks

What is Aperol?

Aperol is an Italian bitter apéritif made of gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona, as well as other herbaceous ingredients. It has a vibrant pink/orange hue. Aperol’s name comes from the French slang word for aperitif, which is apero.

Unlike Campari, Aperol has a bit more inherent sweetness. The floral notes work well with simple fruits that won’t overpower the Aperol, as well as white wine and Prosecco or Champagne. A classic Aperol Spritz is a refreshing cocktail made with Aperol, Champagne or Prosecco and sparkling water.

dragon fruit cocktails

What kind of Dragon Fruit should I use?

For this recipe, you can use either a pink Dragon Fruit, or a yellow Dragon Fruit. The later is a bit sweeter in taste than the pink. If you find your drink is not as sweet as you like- you can always adjust the agave syrup to make it a little sweeter.

This dragon fruit cocktail brings the great flavor and texture of ripe, delicious dragon fruit to the forefront, so using ripened and sweet, fresh fruit is key.

closeup of dragon fruit drink

How do I know a Dragon Fruit is ripe?

When making this Dragon Fruit cocktail, you want to make sure you’re working with perfectly ripe and juicy fruit. A ripe Dragon fruit should give slightly when the outer skin is pressed. Not too much, or it’s overripe. When sliced, the fruit should scoop out easily with a spoon. Think about what a ripe kiwi texture is like. That’s what you’re looking for.

2 dragon fruit beverages

Dragon Fruit Vodka Cocktail with Aperol

Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time0 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: cocktail
Servings: 2


  • blender


  • the fruit of 2 medium dragon fruits, chilled 
  • 1.5 oz agave syrup
  • 3 oz Aperol
  • 3 oz vodka, chilled
  • 1 cup white wine (such as sauvignon blanc), chilled
  • additional sliced dragon fruit, for garnish 


  • 1. Add the flesh of 2 medium (chilled and ripe) dragon fruits to a blender.
    2. Add agave syrup, Aperol, vodka and wine.
    3. Blend on high power until totally smooth and well combined.
    4. Fill 2 cocktail glasses 1/4 of the way with ice, and divide the cocktails among the 2 glasses.
    5. Garnish with fresh dragon fruit and serve.

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